The High Priestess


Number – 2

Element – Water

Planet – Moon


The next in the Major Arcana Series is the High Priestess (II). As one can see the high priestess is normally depicted as a woman, a wise one at that. She sits calmly on her throne surrounded by two pillars in black and white, she has a book in her hand and a crescent moon by her foot. Her crown resembles the moon itself in different stages.  She has a cross in the middle and behind her adorns fruits in abundance.

The high priestess represents feminine energy in its highest form. She is all about intuition, spirituality, and psychic abilities. Symbolism is heavy on this card. The book represents knowledge, her calm presence is a sign of readiness to attack if necessary. Her moon represents feminine energy underlying sexual tones. The pillars represent darkness and light.

In a reading, it means that the seeker must either keep any valuable information to themselves for now or that a secret itself will be revealed soon. That he/she must listen to their intuition, to be cautious and trust in your believes.  The high priestess is a wise lady and whenever she appears in a reading rest assured your secrets are safe. She also represents the unconscious or the unknown. Hence it is necessary to be patient while the answer is revealed.

Keywords: Intuition, secrets, mystery, duality, possible disconnect, caution.


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