Simple Tarot Spreads


Every Beginner would be excited to try out their first spread. I know I was. I still remember when I got my first deck I rushed to try out the spreads in the only Tarot book I had from years ago. The experience of it was so simple and so awe inspiring. Like it could be so insightful even without trying. Since then I have loved to try out new spreads in different circumstances. One thing I have always made sure while trying out the spread is I know that I want the Tarot to answer me. It is not done in the rush of the moment or because am too lazy to decide for myself. I know when the Tarot card calls to me for a reading. Or else am more than happy to read for others in the meantime.

Anyhoo, the three card spread is the most popular and easiest spread out there. Some may even use the one card technique to answer any Yes or No question depending on the card drawn. The three card spread can be different from the ‘past-present-future’ too. It can be assigned different meanings such as ‘the issue-what to do-what not to do‘ or ‘mind-body-spirit‘ … etc.

Here,, in this new series, I would like to share simple spreads for beginners to acquaint themselves with reading a Tarot. Simple Tarot Spreads series will continue with more in the coming post.


FullSizeRender (4)



Card 1 ( Left top) – What led to the problem

Card 2 ( Top right) – The situation at present

Card 3 (Middle) – Obstacle/Challenge

Card 4 (Down) – what you can do/ Outcome

There you go. A simple enough spread to try out if you are facing any minor problems. The great thing about Tarot cards is that they know the answer even as you draw the cards. All you need to do is ‘see’ it.  Do tell me if this spread was helpful and share more if you have any.


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