5 Signs of a Good Tarot Reader


We all want to be good at what we do, don’t we? But sometimes some things don’t click and it may not work for us. Tarot reading is similar to the fact that not everyone is able to read the cards. It may not come to them as easily as it does to others. So I decided to let in on the five signs that I know works for a tarot reader.  Go on…


Yes! the big one. Best to write it at the top of the list. A Tarot reader no matter what should have a strong intuition without which nothing else comes naturally. One must have honed into their emotions and thoughts before they decide to take up Tarot reading.

Have you ever felt that something feels right or for that matter wrong the moment it happens? Or have you instinctively known what to say or think at the correct moment? Do you get certain vibes from people around you? Are you able to tell their emotions just by been around them? Am not talking about been a psychic here. Although some would argue that is a necessary quality but just to be in touch with yourself, to be self-aware and your surroundings that’s enough.

2. Patience

Now that we know you are intuitive the next sign is whether you have patience. Tarot cards are not some silly card games that anyone can play. They are a study of the metaphysics. While it’s not something you need to learn word by word, one must be able to cultivate their own interpretations to learn what the Tarot are telling you.

It is a personal experience and every deck gives off different energy that one needs to understand. The closer you become to your deck the more intimate details it reveals. The readings itself become a blissful experience. But for this, one must be sincere and patient in learning the Tarot and not expect overnight success.

3. Curiosity

Sometimes the Tarot spreads make no sense. Or some days you just don’t have the same interest as you did the day before. But as long as your curious to know what even that could mean you are safe.

There are certain cards that are very difficult to read, namely the court cards or certain minor cards that may come up in the reading not completely associated with what you want to know. But the fun part is you get to learn something new. As I have stated before no card in a reading turns up without a purpose and if you read point number two, all will be revealed as long as you are patient to receive it.

4. Practice

Practice makes a man perfect, ever heard of it? Though Tarot does not demand perfection and the beauty of it is it finds beauty in imperfections. But for someone who is serious about learning the Tarot, practice is almost a necessity.

Just looking at your cards, imagining some stories in your head while you do so or writing down a journal are more than enough to bridge a connection with your cards. I have to say some cards are very eager to reveal answers while others are difficult at best. For example, the Golden Tarot deck that I have is the least I have used in my practice because every time I use it they make sure I have a hard time interpreting. But if giving up was so easy then why learn Tarot, right? So go on – keep practicing.

5. Niche

One of the things about been a Tarot reader is that you have your own style of reading or interpreting. It is very important that you carve out your own style and not just blindly copy another.

No two tarot readers are the same just like no two persons are the same. If you are able to do exactly what another tarot reader can then why should someone come to you? Maybe the other one can even do better than you, then what? The thing about tarot is there is no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ answers. Yes, the meanings of the card are pretty similar, the fundamentals are the same and you cannot just randomly decide to change the basic aspects of the Tarot but what is possible is to make sure that whatever you do is unique to you. It can be anything, there are no strict rules for that.

So there you go, I hope these 5 signs can help you decide if you are a good tarot reader. If not, you can always keep trying, I know I still am and that’s the fun of it. As long as you love what you do let nothing stand in your way and do give your suggestions on what you think are goods signs!


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