The Major Arcana – The Magician

Number – 1

Element – Earth

Planet – Mercury

Next, in the sequence, we meet the Magician numbered 1. Starting with the pictorial description, we see a man holding a stick pointing upwards. He is surrounded by important objects such as the Wand, Sword, Pentacle and a Cup. Above him is the symbol of infinity. He has flowers blooming all around him.

What we see in this card is a man with potential. What began with the fool as someone with a prospective beginning, the Magician has the capability to manifest it into his life.

He has been given the tools to it, all at his fingertips and all he needs to do is perform. Just like the fool the symbols in this card too have a meaning. The symbol infinity itself signifies endless possibilities. The stick pointing upwards shows that sky is the limit.The flowers show both masculine and feminine energy.

In a reading, this card asks you to believe in yourself/ your talent, to take charge. The card represents power. The power to create or recreate. The card signifies individuality and mastery over his craft.


Power, innovation, rooted, endless, challenge yourself, leadership, self-awareness.


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