Must Have Books for Beginners

On a completely different note, just to break the monotony, I decided to write up a post to help beginners acquaint themselves with Tarot. As you will eventually come across there are tons of books on Tarot and no doubt they are all useful. But as a beginner you want to start somewhere that makes sense and is easy to follow.

I still remember I was just ten years old or so when I first came across my 1st Tarot book by Jonathan Dee simply Titled ‘Tarot’. It was extremely illustrative and that’s what attracted me to the book. I didn’t even own a Tarot deck then nor knew what one was but I was fascinated by the pictures and desperate to get one. But by the time I did buy my 1st Tarot deck I was almost fifteen or more, by that time a lot of other things had taken my fancy.

Anyhoo, I hope this tiny list of mine will be helpful to those who have just started showing interest in tarot. These books can be as useful to advanced students of Tarot but I feel these five books are more than enough to get a strong base.

Here goes:

 1. Rachel Pollack – 78 Degrees of Wisdom   

Undoubtedly one of the masters of Tarot. Her book is a staple in any Tarot readers shelf.  This is one of those books you must get hooked on if you want to get into the indepth knowledge of Tarot once you have understood the basics of it all. The book is divided into three sections – The Major arcana, Minor arcana and Reading.

Every card has been given the minutest attention to deal and is a perfect companion when you want to know different meanings to your interepretations. The book is definitely helpful for more indepth readings once the reader has got their basics right.

 2. Mary K Greer – Tarot for Yourselves

Another Gaint in the world of Tarot. Tarot for Yourself is an extremely useful tool to personalize yourself with your Tarot cards. She uses multiple spreads, charts , exercises and activties to familiarize you with the world of Tarot. It’s simple, fluid and a truly personal experience.

One of the useful exercise includes creating a Tarot profile which details all our connection with the Tarot. In fact, the tagline of the book is ‘A workbook for Personal Transformation’. Unlike the previous book, it is one thing to learn the meaning of the cards but once you have made the Tarot cards your own you can rely on them to be more trusting to show you more than what just the eyes meet. The book is truly an eye-opener and brings you closer to your decks.

3. Sarah Bartlett –  The Tarot Bible

One of the foremost authors in the Tarot books, the Tarot Bible uses simple language to understand the meaning of complex cards. In fact, I would suggest to use them as a handbook. They are very precise and compact which I think should be reason enough to be a must have for a beginner. Among the many Introductory books to Tarot, this one stands out.

A new student at Tarot can easily pick up the nuances of reading the cards for the first time. It also explains the structure of a Tarot deck and includes bonus spreads. Definitely a go-to book.

4. Sasha Graham – 365 Tarot Spread

Learning the meaning of the Tarot is one thing but using them in a spread a whole different ball game. This book is the perfect partner for you to use on a daily basis to learn more about the cards as well as practice with the decks every day.

Every Spread is as different as chalk and cheese. Some are fun, some are totally outrageous. Every spread signifies importance not just for the reader but to the day itself. It is a book you must get your hands on as soon as you can.

5.Barbara Moore – Tarot for Beginners

One of the easiest books on Tarot out there. It’s a perfect blend to the fun Tarot bible; slightly more expansive yet to the point. It is comprehensive book charting the basics to providing spreads. All this in the simplest and most helpful language possible.

It has a friendly take on Tarot and is one of the shortest books in the list in terms of page count. In fact, I would suggest reading this book before jumping on any other. It is the most basic book among all five mentioned here.

Finally I would also reccomend the following decks for beginners:

  1. Rider-Waite-Smith Tarot – Simple, Illustrious, Clear, Classic, Fluid
  2. Gilded Tarot –  Colorful, Imaginative, Stunning  Visuals , Easy to understand

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